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D.Sc. Technion, 1996

Rabin building, Room: 8071

972-4-8249621 (3621)

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Alexander Goldenshluger received D.Sc. degree in Operations Research from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in 1996, and joined faculty of  the Department of Statistics at University of Haifa in 1997. He served as an Associate Editor of Electronic Journal of Statistics (2010-2013) and Area Editor of Bernoulli (2013-2015).  He is currently an Associate Editor of Bernoulli (2016-). His research has been supported by various funding agencies including the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), the German-Israeli Foundation (GIF) and  the Binational US-Israel foundation (BSF). In 2014 Alexander Goldenshluger was elected Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS). 

Nonparametric statistical inference, adaptive estimation, model/estimator selection, inverse problems, stochastic optimization, machine learning.


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