Postdoctoral scholars

Dr. Sayan Ghosh
Ph.D: 2018, Indian Institute of Technology BombayDr. Sayan
Research interests: Missing data analysis, Ordered inference, Paired comparison data
DR. Taeho Kim
Ph.D: 2019, University of South CarolinaDR. Taeho
Research Interests: Nonparametric Estimation, Multiple Testing, and Invariance Theory
DR. Prince Peprah Osei
PhD, 2018 National University of SingaporeDR. Prince Peprah
Research Interests: Monte Carlo Methods, Bayesian Inference, Sequential Monte Carlo Methods, Particle Filtering, Statistical Epidemiology.
DR. Royi Jacobovic
PhD 2020: Hebrew University, JerusalemDR. Royi
Research interests: applied probability, selection procedures, asymptotic statistics

Past Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars

Satya Prakash Singh
Ph.D: 2016, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Satya Prakash
Research interests: Optimal design theory
DR. Meng Xu
Ph.D: 2018, Sichuan UniversityDR. Meng
Research Interests: Functional Data Analysis, Financial Statistics, Nonparametric Statistics
Prof. Yaakov Malinovsky
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyProf. Yaakov
ביה"ס לקרימינולוגיה, אוניברסיטת חיפה, הר הכרמל 31905 I בניין אשכול, קומה 23 I טלפון: 04-8288991