Postdoctoral scholars

DR. Taeho Kim
Ph.D: 2019, University of South CarolinaDR. Taeho
Research Interests: Nonparametric Estimation, Multiple Testing, and Invariance Theory
Angshuman Roy
Ph.D: 2020, Indian Statistical InstituteAngshuman
Research Interests: Non-parametric statistics, Multivariate analysis, Measure of association among, random variables, Distance and kernel based methods, Rank and copula based methods.

Past Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholars

Satya Prakash Singh
Ph.D: 2016, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Satya Prakash
Research interests: Optimal design theory
DR. Meng Xu
Ph.D: 2018, Sichuan UniversityDR. Meng
Research Interests: Functional Data Analysis, Financial Statistics, Nonparametric Statistics
Dr. Sayan Ghosh
Ph.D: 2018, Indian Institute of Technology BombayDr. Sayan
Research interests: Missing data analysis, Ordered inference, Paired comparison data
Prof. Yaakov Malinovsky
University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyProf. Yaakov
DR. Prince Peprah Osei
PhD, 2018 National University of SingaporeDR. Prince Peprah
Research Interests: Monte Carlo Methods, Bayesian Inference, Sequential Monte Carlo Methods, Particle Filtering, Statistical Epidemiology.
DR. Royi Jacobovic
PhD 2020: Hebrew University, JerusalemDR. Royi
Research interests: applied probability, selection procedures, asymptotic statistics
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