Igor Kleiner







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  • Ph.D in statistics, 2019 (expected), Haifa university
  • M.Sc in computer science zum laude 2007, Haifa university
  • B.Sc in computer science zum laude 2003, Haifa university

  • Machine learning
  • Images processing
  • Stochastic optimization
  • Property testing
  • Analytic combinatorics

  • Applying Property Testing to an Image Partitioning Problem, IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering, Feb 2011, with D. Keren, I. Newman, O. Ben-Zwi
  • A Numerical Study of Small Parameter Behavior of Some Families of Distributions, Communication in statistics, Apr 2016, with S. K. Bar-Lev, B. Boukai
  • Recycled Incomplete Identification Procedures for Blood Screening, EJOR, Oct 2016, with S. K. Bar-Lev, O. Boxma, W. Stadje, D. Perry
  • FCFS Parallel Service Systems and Matching Models (submitted) with I. Adan, R. Righter, Gideon Weiss
  • Applying Property Testing 2-side error algorithm for testing monochrome halfplane property of image, International conference the radio-electronic devices and systems for the infocomunication technologies» (REDS-2014)
  • Applying Property Testing to test binary images on being halfplane, publication description16-th International Conference Digital Signal Processing and its applications 2014

  • Probability and stochastic processes
  • Scientific programming with Python
  • Optimization research
  • Probabilistic method
  • Machine learning

  • Microsoft
  • Skype
  • Intel
  • Huawei
  • Infowatch
  • Ort Braude College
  • Western Galilee College