Prof. Shmuel Gal

       Ph.D., Hebrew University, 1972
        8058, Rabin building
       +972-4-8249004 (3004)
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Short bio

Shmuel Gal joined Department of Statistics in 1994; prior to that he had been a Research Staff Member  and Program Manager Operations Research in  IBM Israel Science and Technology.  Shmuel Gal received a Ph.D. in mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (thesis advisor: Aryeh Dvoretzky). He devised Gal's accurate tables method for the computer evaluation of elementary functions, and  in 1993 with Zvi Yehudai developed a new algorithm for sorting which is used by IBM.  He  made several significant contributions to the area of search games; in particular, Gal solved the princess and monster game which has been a famous open problem in the 1960s and 1970s.